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Controlling Your Spring Allergies 

It’s no secret that springtime sniffles are no fun. The weather is getting warmer and you likely want to spend more time outside—without puffy, watering eyes. Spring into action and prepare for allergy season now before pollen reaches peak levels.

Test your brain by matching the correct word with the sentence below.

Word Choices:

Over-the-counter medications

Skin prick test



Spring cleaning

1.         Determining your spring allergy _______ is the first step toward relief.


2.         It’s possible to ease your allergy symptoms by taking __________.


3.         If you are allergic to dust or animal dander, a thorough __________ of your home can help sweep out those pesky allergens.


4.         Keep the _______ out of your home and car during spring allergy season by limiting outdoor activity during days with high pollen counts and closing your windows.


5.         Health care providers can administer a ___________ to diagnose a pollen allergy.


  1. triggers

  2. over-the-counter medications

  3. spring cleaning

  4. pollen

  5. skin prick test


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